Usually, driveways are not really on the priority lists in terms of your landscaping and home. But, a driveway must actually be one of the major priorities of every property owner since it can establish your property’s first impression as soon as your visitors arrive. Though asphalts might have its advantages, try to consider and think about what a brick driveway has to offer in improving the holistic look of your home. Thankfully, the experts from Concrete Driveways Western Sydney will be discussing in this article how a brick driveway can ultimately improve the feel and look of your property: 


Lower maintenance 

This benefit alone is a great hint that you should choose to have a brick driveway over an asphalt one. Yes, asphalt can possibly last for years. However, it needs constant attention and maintenance for you to achieve a longer year with it. Moreover, even the slightest cracks happening on your asphalt should be attended to right away. Plus, you need to apply seal coat to it every 2 to 3 years, only to mention a few typical asphalt problems. A fast squirt using a water hose, or just a light scrub on the stain of your bricks is all it takes for you to make your brick driveway feel and look fresh and new.  


The brick’s longevity is stated by other professionals anywhere between 20-30 years given that it’s installed properly. With the right expertise and knowledge of expert concrete contractors, you can be guaranteed that your brick driveway can possibly last for several years.  

Endure elements well 

This certainly provides more advantages to the bricks in comparison to asphalt. If you’re living in a place where there’s the extreme summer heat, it can eventually cause asphalt to crack, ripple, and thin, which leads to costly repairs. Moreover, extreme rains can negatively impact asphalt. Thankfully, bricks aren’t affected by most weather conditions.  

Easy to repair  

Since bricks are individual parts, you just need to remove one damaged unit and then replace it with a new one. On the contrary, asphalt repair is more time-consuming and complicated. Also, asphalt pavement won’t look the same after repairing it.  


Most of the bricks used in driveway pavements have a rough texture. Hence, they are naturally resistant to slip and fall if wet.  


The sizes, shapes, and colors of bricks can make aesthetic patterns that will make your driveway look like an amazing piece of art compared to merely having a black asphalt.  

Easy to install  

If you opt to install a brick driveway, you won’t need to use noisy tools, there will be no asphalt smell filling your home, and you don’t have to wait for several days to totally cure the bricks. As soon as you’re done laying the bricks, you can immediately drive on it without concerns. 

If you want to have a brick driveway now, perhaps this is the time where you should contact us for more assistance about concrete installations.